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We average really short lead times. That means you get your trusses faster! Come experience the future.

At Trust Builders, we design and manufacture wood trusses

We are located in Jacksonville, NC but have the ability to make our engineered trusses and prebuilt buildings anywhere. We also, train and equip other contractors to have the ability to build trusses. Rigorous engineering and production standards are applied at Trust Builders to ensure your trusses are safe meeting all the necessary codes and load values. To work with us, it only takes a call or email.

Once you contact us, we gather all the necessary info.

Having building plans are very helpful and we would need to see them if you have any. In most cases though, we can definitely make trusses without you having building plans. You will need to be able to provide important information such as roof pitch, overhangs, span, and bearing points but we can walk through those questions when necessary. Once we have an idea of your project, we give you an estimate on time and price. If you want to move forward after receiving the estimated times and prices, the next step would be to sign an engagement letter and pay a deposit. This puts you on the schedule and in line to get your trusses. A few days after the deposit is paid, you will receive a preview of your trusses. It will be your responsibility to sign off on the trusses stating that all the specs such as pitch and span are correct. Once you approve the truss, it goes through one last engineering examination, gets an engineered sealed stamp, and is then made

Based on your project, we may make the truss at our warehouse or at your job site

We then proceed to build the trusses and collect the remaining balance. Because we are also a licensed GC in NC, we can help you navigate everything before and after the trusses are made too. In as little as two weeks from our first conversation, your trusses could be done and ready to be installed.

When it comes to making trusses, we can give you everything you need to be able to build trusses yourself. For the first time ever in the wood truss industry with metal plates, we can train you so you can be your own truss maker. You can make them for your own projects or build them for others.