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Don't let your project be held up!

You have the ability to get your trusses quickly!
From design, to production, to installation, we know how to help you get the job done.

Here's what we can do for you.

Option 1 - the traditional way

With this choice, we design the trusses, make the trusses at our factory, and deliver them to your job site.

A. Disadvantages - usually a longer wait, you don't have absolute control over when the trusses arrive at your job site, your trusses may sit out in the weather for an extended period of time

B. Advantages - doesn't require that much communication and planning

Option 2 - job site manufacturing

We are the only company around that can offer this route. With this option, we design the trusses and build them at your job site.

A. Disadvantages - may require a little more communication and planning

B. Advantages - little to no wait, can build them at any point in your project, you have a lot more control, your trusses won't set out in the weather, you can install them right after they are built.

Option 3 - you build them at our facility

We are the only company that can offer this as well. We design the trusses and you bring your crew to our facility to make them. There is some training involved with this but our superintendent will be on site to oversee your work and make sure all goes well.

A. Disadvantages - have to meet a few requirements

B. Advantages - little to no wait, you have total control of timing, cost efficient

Option 4 - you build them at your job site

Once again, this route is only available through us. We design the trusses, you rent our mobile equipment (you will need to be able to pull a 16' trailer or we can deliver it to your job site), and you build your trusses at your job site. You will need one person from your company to go through one day of training.

A. Disadvantages - need to meet a few requirements

B. Advantages - little to no wait, you have total control, can produce a lot of trusses very cost efficiently

Option 5 - start your own truss business in your area by becoming a franchise owner

We have all the know how to get you up and running to start your own business. You can be become a proud franchise owner of Trust Builders. There is too much info to even begin describing that here so if this interests you at all, just reach out and we can talk about it.

These are the five main ways you can get trusses from us. We will be happy to discuss each option in more detail.